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Wendell G., 84, Erie, PA

Wendell Gilbert, 84, a resident of Brevillier Village in Erie, Pennsylvania,  had his wish to return to his hometown of Oil City and visit his parents’ grave granted, thanks to the Erie chapter of Twilight Wish Foundation.  Gilbert has been a resident of Brevillier Village for the past 11 years and has always been an advocate for other residents.  He grew up in Oil City and, although he never finished school because of his disability, enjoyed fixing things for his neighbors.  When Gilbert was still in Oil City, he often visited his parents’ graves and made sure they were well-maintained. His wish to visit their gravesite at Sunset Memorial Gardens was granted on Friday, October 25, 2013.  As part of his wish, Gilbert  also visited with family and enjoyed lunch in Oil City.

Ted T., 94, Fairview, PA

Ted Trampenau, 94, a resident of Fairview, PA, recently had his wish to have his book published, thanks to the Erie chapter of Twilight Wish.  Trampenau is a prolific writer who is very proud of the many storeis and poems he has written.  Many of these are about his wife of 66 years and the wonderful life they had together until she passed away several years ago. Trampenau wished to have these writings published so that he could share them with his family and friends.  His wife, Nancy, passed away in 2010 after spending three years at St. Mary’s of Asbury Ridge.  He was so appreciative of the care she received there that he volunteered at their gift shop two days a week for two years until his health no longer allowed him to volunteer.  His wish was granted on Sunday, October 20th during a book signing ceremony of “My Nancy, My Life,” attended by many of his family members at the Chestnut Street Apartments where he lives.  Coincidentally, this senior independent living facility used to be a school where his wife once worked. What a fitting location for such a special wish granting!  Pictured, from left: nominator Stephanie Garcie, Ted Trampenau, and Erie chapter co-directors Julie Hartmann and Brad Gleason.

Evelyn B., 80, Erie, PA

Evelyn Black, 80, an Air Force veteran and retired nurse, had her wish for a visit from a golden retriever granted on December 5, 2011.  Because of several medical issues, Black is rarely able to leave her home and requires continuous oxygen therapy.  A single mother, Black also volunteered with the Maria House Project in Erie and as a Eucharistic minister at her church.  Black’s wish came true when Daisy, a rescue golden retriever, visited her at her home in Erie.  Special thanks to Therapy Dogs United, Inc., of Erie for making this wish come true.

Francis W., 77, Erie, PA

Francis Wisniewski, 77, an Army veteran, had his wish to play one more round of golf granted on September 29, 2011.  Wisniewski was an avid golfer, but due to several medical issues, is no longer able to golf on his own.  He now resides in the Pennsylvania Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Home for veterans in Erie.  Wisniewski, former nursing home Activities Director, John Guras, and Doctor of Physical Therapy students, Nick Dwyer and Sean Asp, hit the links at the Lawrence Park Golf Course in Erie. 

Ewald E., 93, Erie, PA

Ewald and his wife both live in a nursing home and are confined to wheelchairs.  Ewald served in the U.S. Army Air Corp. during World War II and was stationed overseas for 45 months. Ewald dreams of having a nice, private dinner out with his wife.  He has not had a special dinner with his wife since they moved to the nursing home.

Thanks to Ricardo’s restaurant and our generous donors, Ewald and his wife enjoyed a romantic dinner on March 1, 2011. Ewald was able to present his wife with a dozen roses. Ewald’s wish was the 1569th wish granted by Twilight Wish and our Erie Chapter’s 1st!