Helen M., 93, Hatfield, PA

Helen Merico, a resident of Hatfield, Pennsylvania, had her wish for a new heater for her home granted, thanks to All Seasons Comfort Control. Helen, 93, is recuperating from a broken hip and lives with her son who is her caretaker. Her furnace broke in the fall of 2017, but because it is 70 years old, it is beyond repair because of its age and the lack of availability of parts. Because they live on a fixed income, they could not afford to replace the heater on their own. Instead, for the past two winters, they have been relying on four space heaters to heat their home which is expensive and a fire hazard. Thanks to All Seasons Comfort Control who donated the labor and installed the heater in late January.  On Thursday, February 7th, Twilight Wish staff presented All Seasons Comfort Control and Helen with certificates honoring both of them at her home.



130 Residents of Delaware Valley Veterans Home, Philadelphia, PA

130 elderly residents of the Delaware Valley Veterans Home in Philadelphia had their wishes for individual electric razors granted on December 12, 2018.   Although the home does have some razors, they break easily, there aren’t enough for all the veterans who live there and it’s unsanitary to have the men share them. Because they are older, their skin is thin and they need electric razors which are gentler on the skin than disposable. Thanks to a generous grant from The Legacy Foundation and additional funding received from employees of Microsoft, this wish was granted on Wednesday, December 12th. Note: because of privacy rules, photos were not permitted of the residents.

Kathryn C., 91, Henderson, NV

We are excited to begin planning Kathryn’s trip to Nebraska!  Thanks to our donors, we have met our fundraising goal and her wish will be granted soon.

Kathryn suffered a bout of polio at a young age which caused her to lose the use of her right arm.  She never learned to drive and was limited in many daily activities most take for granted.  Although she struggled financially while raising her children, she taught them the value of hard work, how to be responsible and how to appreciate what you have.  She is fascinated with her family history and loves to look at old photos of the places and people in her life.  She longs to visit her hometown of Lincoln, Nebraska to see some of these places in person once more.

Kathryn will be celebrating her 92nd birthday in March and we would love to make her wish come true!


Helen M., 93, Hatfield, PA

UPDATE!  With the help of our donors and the generosity of All Seasons Comfort Control, Helen was given the gift of heat yesterday.  More details soon!

Helen is the surviving spouse of a WWII POW in Luxembourg.  She was one of 11 children born to Austrian immigrants.  She went to school until the 6th grade and had to drop out because her family was struggling financially during the Great Depression.  Unfortunately, she is still struggling to make ends meet.  Her granddaughter lives with her and is her caretaker, but they cannot afford to replace a broken heater.  It is so old it cannot be repaired.  They are using space heaters to stay warm this winter.  Our hope is raise the funds needed to provide Helen with a new heater and safer living conditions.


Diane W., 65, Helena, MT

Diane will soon receive her phone card thanks to the support of our donors!

Diane volunteered as a foster grandparent with the Senior Corps.  She loved sharing her experience and compassion with children.  She also served in the Navy for four years.  She has been diagnosed with breast cancer and lives on a limited income.  She would like a prepaid phone card to be able to make calls to her family and doctors.


Celia A., 69, Charlotte, NC

Celia is a dedicated volunteer in her church community.  She especially loves volunteering for their summer programs.  She also gives her time at her local senior center.  She lives on a very limited income and wishes to replace her worn out carpet and chair.  It has been a long time since she has been able to buy anything new for herself.  We need to raise $500 to make this simple wish come true. Please donate today!

Wish ID: 3521

Celia A., 69, Charlotte, NC

Thank you to all our donors, we have met our fundraising goal.


Christopher A., 66, Rich Creek, VA

Christopher Auton, 66, a resident of Heritage Hall nursing facility in Rich Creek, Virginia, had his wish to visit Dollywood in the fall and see the changing leaves granted, thanks to many generous donors.  Chris has cerebral palsy and is a quadriplegic.  He is a permanent resident of Heritage Hall and, sadly, has no family that visits him. Despite all he has been through, Chris is very sweet and brings much joy to all who know him. Because of the life he has lived, he has never been able to experience many of the things that others have. His wish to travel to Pigeon Forge and visit Dollywood was granted thanks to the generosity of many donors. Because of his medical condition, he was accompanied by both a nurse and a CNA. Chris loved everything about his trip, but his favorite part was the Dollywood Stampede!

Terry H., 72, Apollo, PA

Terry’s brother lives in Ohio and recently had a stroke.  Terry has not been able to see him in several years.  He is worried about him and would like to visit him but cannot afford the travel costs. Twilight Wish would like to reunite these brothers and need your help to make it happen.  We need to raise $375 to grant Terry’s wish.


Thanks to our generous donors, Terry’s wish will soon be granted!




Lee P., 62, New Castle, PA

Alan “Lee” Peluso, 62, a resident of Haven Convalescent Home in New Castle, Pennsylvania, had his wish to ride in the sidecar of a Harley Davidson motorcycle granted, thanks toThunder Harley Davidson of Sharon, Pennsylvania. Peluso has multiple sclerosis and lost much of his functional capabilities at a young age. He always wanted to ride a Harley motorcycle, but the disease prevented him from doing that. Despite his medical condition, Peluso worked as the head jail warden of the Lawrence County jail. His wish was granted on Wednesday, October 10th when he experienced the ride of his life in a sidecar courtesy of Thunder Harley Davidson.

Sharon J., 65, Oregon City, OR

Sharon Jenda, 65, recently had her wish to attend a Seattle Seahawks game granted. Sharon, a resident of Oregon City, OR, has been a Seahawks fan for most of her life. Because she lives three hours away and gets by on a fixed income, she has not been able to afford the cost of attending a game on her own.  Sharon is very active in her community, volunteering at Clackamas Women’s Services, PAWS, and in her church, Willamette Christian Church. She and her friend attended the last preseason Seahawks preseason game, thanks to the Seattle Seahawks who donated the tickets