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Harriet M., 74, Waterford, PA

Harriet McClellan, 74, a resident of Waterford, PA, recently had her wish for a lift chair granted by the Erie, PA chapter of Twilight Wish. Harriet has been active in her church since the young age of 12. She sang in the choir and taught first grade religion. As a secular Franciscan, she believes and lives by the idea that you help others when they need help.  Harriet has several health issues which require her to elevate her feet, but she had trouble getting to an upright position on her own. She loves her new lift chair and how it allows her to stand up with such ease.

Jeannine F., 84, Erie, PA

Jeanine Filipowski, a resident of Ball Pavilion Nursing Home in Erie, had her wish to see a live performance of “Dancing with the Stars” granted, thanks to the Erie chapter of Twilight Wish Foundation.  Filipowski, 84, and her daughter, Rebecca, watch “Dancing with the Stars” together every week.  Ballroom dancing has a special place in Filipowski’s heart because she met her late husband in a dance hall in Clarion, Pennsylvania. Filipowski was very involved in her community volunteering at Our Lady of Peace School, in the Rosary Society at Our Lady of Peace Church, and was president of the Board of Directors in the East Erie Turners Social Club. Not only was her wish granted on Wednesday, June 24, 2015, but she met her favorite dancer, Val Chmerkovskiy.

Barbara P., 71, Erie, PA

Barbara Paproski, 71, a resident of Erie, PA recently had her wish for a new lift chair granted. Her old one was broken beyond repair and her family was worried that she would fall trying to stand up on her own. Barbara is a prolific reader and spends much of her time in her chair, but couldn’t afford to replace her old chair and neither could her family. Barbara raised two sons as a single mother and worked as a nurse for 35 years. She volunteered extensively in her community with the Boy Scouts, Muscular Dystrophy Association, Hamot Mental Health Advisory Board, and the American Association of Critical Care Nurses.  In addition, she is a concierge at St. Joseph Apartments where she lives and volunteered on their entertainment committee. Her wish for a new lift chair was granted in July of 2015.

Claudia S., 81, Erie, PA

Claudia Spalla, 81, a resident of Erie, PA, had her wish for a new flagpole granted thanks to our Erie, PA  chapter. Claudia was nominated by her hospice social worker to have her simple wish granted. She is an avid Steelers fan and had always wanted a flagpole in her front yard. She stated that she wanted it to represent her strength and ability to stand tall during her illness and throughout her lifetime. Claudia wanted to show her family her love and devoriton by always having her favorite Steelers flag waving to them, no matter what season it is. Claudia volunteered at the Salvation Army for many years. Her wish was granted this past summer.

Ron S., 72, Erie, PA

Ron Shilling, 72, is a resident of a personal care home in Erie, PA. Ron was always active in sports growin gup and even shot hoops in the backyard with stage IV lung cancer. He has been a positive role model for other residents of his home. Ron is a huge fan of Lebron James and following him throughout his entire career.  With the help of his sister, Ron was occasionally able to attend Cavalier games, sitting way up in the “nosebleed” section with his oxygen tank. He wished to meet Lebron James, but with Lebron’s busy schedule he wasn’t able to travel to Erie to meet Ron. Instead, the Cavaliers sent Ron a basket of memorabilia including t-shirts and a bobble head. Ron was extremely excited and appreciative to receive these gifts thanks to our Erie, PA chapter.

Angela C., 83, Erie, PA

Angela Hayes of Erie, PA was nominated by her caregiver to have her wish for a new couch granted. Angela has spent the majority of her life taking care of others. She worked two jobs to provide for her children, she took care of her parents until they passed away, and she babysat her granchildren so they didn’t have to be placed in daycare. Angela often talked about having a new couch, but never asked for one and has always been very grateful for what she has.  Her wish for a new sofa was granted thanks to the Erie PA chapter and she was so grateful. A big thank you to the Gannon University physical therapy students and the Mercyhurst University Veterans Club for helping to deliver and set up her new couch.

Wanda W., 73, Erie, PA

Wanda W., 73, a resident of Brevillier Village in Erie, PA, had her wish for lunch out with her two daughters granted, thanks to our Erie, PA chapter.  Wanda suffers from a progressive neurological disease and, because of her physical limitations, hasn’t left the facility in over two years.  Her wish was to visit with her daughters, Debbie and Christine, while she is still able. This simple wish was so important to Wanda because it has been nearly six years since the three of them enjoyed a lunch out together. 

Patricia W., 74, Girard, PA

Patricia Wozniak, 74, a resident of Girard, PA, recently had her wish for a rocker recliner granted, thanks to the Erie, PA chapter of Twilight Wish Foundation.  According to her daughter, Patricia is a very caring person who always puts others first.  Patricia has never had any new furniture, she was always content with other’s cast-offs. She was thrilled with her brand new recliner and will spend many hours reading in it this winter! Pictured: Patricia with her daughter, Elizabeth DeAngelo.

Esther H., 75, Erie, PA

Esther Hoh, 75, had her wish for a new TV and stereo granted by our Erie, Pa. chapter. These two items will allow Esther to watch her religious DVDs and listen to the tapes that are sent to her from a church she belongs to in Eastern Pennsylvania. Esther ran a boarding home for the elderly and disabled individuals for over 32 years and is loved by all the neighbors on her block. She was nominated by her caregiver, Denise, who felt it was important that Esther knew that she was not forgotten!

Pauline G., 73, Erie, PA

Pauline Griffin, a resident of Erie, PA, celebrated her 73rd birthday by having her wish granted, thanks to a collaboration between our Western Pennsylvania and Erie chapters. Pauline is a huge Steelers’ fan and is in hospice care. Her wish for Steelers’ memorabilia, including a football signed by her favorite player, Troy Polamalu, was granted last week. According to Julie Hartmann, Erie chapter director, Pauline was thrilled and so grateful!