Wallace M., 99, Fayette, PA

Wallace Mays, a resident of Fayette, Pennsylvania, had his wish for a birthday party for his 99th birthday granted, thanks to Twilight Wish. Mays, a WWII Navy veteran, wished to celebrate this milestone birthday with family. Twilight Wish arranged for all his favorite foods to be served at the party and made sure it was a wonderful day with his family.

James F., 66, Scranton, PA

James Freethy, a resident of Scranton, PA, had his wish for a motorized scooter granted, thanks to a generous donor who donated the scooter. Thanks also to Chairman of the Board, James Ciervo, who drove from Long Island to Media, PA to pick up the scooter.  He then delivered it to James in Scranton. James is an amputee who needed a scooter to get around.

Betty M., 78, Warrington, PA

Betty Medvic, 78, a resident of Neshaminy Manor in Warrington, PA, had her wish for transportation to her grandson’s wedding granted, thanks to Twilight Wish. Betty is in a wheelchair and needed ambulance transport, but her family couldn’t afford it. In addition to transporting her back and forth to the wedding, we surprised her with her favorite perfume!

Luther Woods, Hatboro, PA

Thanks to funding from our “Tuesdays with Lori” legacy program, we were able to grant the wish of residents at Luther Woods in Hatboro, PA. Their old sewing machine had broken and it needed to be replaced.  We presented Eileen, a seamstress extraordinaire, with the new sewing machine.

Charles W., 92, Seneca, SC

Charles Williamson, a resident of Seneca, South Carolina, had his wish to return to Germany where he served during World War II granted, thanks to Twilight Wish. Charles, 93, was a tank driver in the Army’s 3rd Armored Division and was stationed in Germany, near the Dachau concentration camp. Thanks to generous donors who donated airline miles, we were able to send Charlie and his grandson to Germany.  Among the towns they visited were Cologne, where his division was involved in an infamous tank battle with the Germans near the Cologne Cathedral; Dessau, where his division met the Russians; and Schrozberg, where the 3rd Armored Division stayed (in Bartenstein Castle). This will be the trip of a lifetime for Charlie as he revisits these areas where he served. In addition to his service to country, Charlie has volunteered for years in his community as a long time Sunday school teacher and poll worker.

Neshaminy Manor residents, Warrington, PA

Six wheelchair-bound seniors from Neshaminy Manor in Warrington, PA recently had their wish to go to a Phillies game granted, thanks to y Twilight Wish  and the Phillies.  The residents, along with their Neshaminy Manor caretakers and staff from Twilight Wish, enjoyed a great game on Thursday, June 27th as the Phillies swept the Mets in the four-game series.  All six seniors are huge Phillies fans and watch the games faithfully. Because they are wheelchair-bound and have limited spending money, being able to leave the facility and attend a Phillies game is a huge treat for them.

Al V., 82, Hatboro, PA

Al Vasso, a resident of Luther Woods in Hatboro, Pennsylvania, had his wish to visit the Roundhouse one more time granted on May 17, 2019.  Al, 82, worked as both a policeman and as a plain clothes detective for the Philadelphia Police Department for many years, working in the District Attorney’s office for some time. While serving an arrest warrant in a taproom, he walked into an armed robbery in progress and was shot twice. Al has received many commendations throughout his career and had the opportunity to work alongside Arlen Specter and Frank Rizzo.  To make his day even more special, Al and his family were driven in a Philadelphia police vehicle from his nursing home to the Roundhouse with a police escort.  He was welcomed with an honor guard and the Philadelphia Police & Fire Pipes & Drum. The Police Department pulled his old badge number and presented him with a hat with his badge number.  Al and his family were given a tour of the building ending with a press conference where he met Commissioner Richard Ross, Jr. and spoke with the media.  He was also given photos and mementos of his long career in the police department.  Al was then given a tour of both the SWAT and K9 headquarters before enjoying a special lunch at the FOP and a visit to the Police Museum that is housed in the old police academy that he attended. A huge thank you to the Philadelphia Police Department for literally rolling out the “blue carpet” and giving Al a day he will never forget!

Skyland Care Center Residents, Sylva, NC

The residents of Skyland Care Center had their wish to have The Chuckwagon Gang perform at their facility granted on May 17, 2019. Many of the residents there love gospel music but, because of medical issues, are unable to leave the facility to attend a concert. Last year, one resident said, after attending a Chuckwagon Gang performance, that she “would love it if she could share what we just heard with all my other friends at the nursing home.” Thank you to The Chuckwagon Gang for discounting the cost of their performance and to our donors for helping make this wish come true!

Kathryn C., 92, St. Joe, AR

Kathryn Crombie, a resident of St. Joe, Arkansas, had her wish to return to her hometown of Ralston, Nebraska one more time granted.  Kathryn, who turned 92 on March 14th, grew up in Nebraska, but hasn’t been able to return in over 80 years.  She has always been very fascinated with her family heritage and history and spends hours looking through old photos dating back to the 1920s. Kathryn has many fond memories of growing up in the Ralston/Omaha area and would love to revisit her old school in particular, Brownell-Talbot School. Her wish came true when she and her son, Rich Crombie, traveled from Arkansas to Nebraska March 27th through 29th. Among the stops on their trip down memory lane were a visit to Brownell-Talbot School in Omaha where they will receive a special welcome and tour with current students, a meet and greet with the Mayor Donald Groesser of Ralston and a stop at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln.  Kathryn was born in Lincoln, Nebraska where many of her family roots are: her relatives lived there, went to school there and are buried there. In addition, her father was a prominent student and member of Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity member in 1920 at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln Later, her family moved to Ralston and her father commuted to Omaha, working in the insurance business with the Woodmen of The World in Omaha Association. Her parents enrolled Crombie in the Brownell-Talbot School in Omaha. Their memory lane tour encompassed these three towns in southeastern Nebraska.

Christy B., 63, Westerville, OH

Christy Buzzard, 63, a permanent resident of a nursing facility in Westerville, Ohio, recently had her wish for Tom Selleck items granted. Christy is a huge fan of Tom Selleck and watches everything he’s acted in. Although we couldn’t grant her wish to actually meet Selleck, we were able to surprise her wish a Tom Selleck pillow, doll and other items.