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William E., 75, Fairview, PA

Bill English had his wish to go fishing with his brother one more time granted, thanks to the Erie, PA chapter of national nonprofit Twilight Wish Foundation. The brothers had not been able to spend much time together recently with Dave living in Florida and Bill having medical issues. The brothers enjoyed a day of fishing from a pier followed by lunch at Kentucky Fried Chicken, Bill’s favorite restaurant. 

Francis H., 74, Waterford, PA

Francis Higgins, a resident of Waterford, Pennsylvania, had his wish for a saxophone granted, thanks to our Erie, PA chapter and Roland Financial. Francis, known as Corky, 74, served in the Navy during the Vietnam War and was in the U.S. Army Reserves for 20 years. He loves music and played the saxophone in both high school and college, but misplaced his saxophone somewhere over the years. Corky has early-stage Alzheimer’s and being able to play the saxophone again would help him tremendously. Music therapy has been proven to help Alzheimer’s patients recall emotions and memories. Special thanks to Roland Financial for funding this wish. 

Beatrice M., 93, Erie, PA

Beatrice Miller, a resident of Erie, had her wish to visit the graves of her son and daughter and put daffodils on them granted, thanks to our Erie, PA chapter. Beatrice, 93, does not leave her apartment much so being able to get out for the day and visit her children’s graves meant so much to her. As part of her wish, Beatrice also enjoyed a drive and then lunch at a Chinese restaurant, a big treat for her. She is very deserving and worked as a secretary for Henderson United Methodist church for 11 years. Her wish was granted as part of our “Week of Wishes,” a national wish granting event.

Vern B., 72, Erie, PA

Vern Baldwin, 72, a resident of Erie, PA, recently had his wish for a security camera for his home granted, thanks to our Erie, PA chapter. Vern is battling cancer and is often home alone while his wife works at Walmart. There have been several break-ins in his neighborhood and he was concerned about his and his wife’s safety. Vern was a volunteer firefighter for  the Lake City Fire Department for nine years and is a longtime member of Saint Peter & Saint Paul’s Church in Crossingville. Having his wish granted will give him peace of mind.

Charlotte H., 77, Erie, PA

Charlotte Hosak, 77, a resident of Erie, PA, had her wish to see Ovo – Cirque de Soleil granted on November 2, 2016. Hosak has been fighting brain cancer for the last two years and wishes to see an upcoming performance with three family members to make a memory with them. Her caregiver wrote “Charlotte has always helped others in her senior community no matter how ill she felt. She would give anyone the shirt off her back.” Hosak was given four tickets at a party in her honor on November 2, 2016. Pictured: Hosak with her caregiver.

Jerry S., 68, Erie, PA

Jerry Schwenk, 68, a resident of Erie, PA, had his wish for an air purifier granted on November 2, 2016 by our Erie chapter. Schwenk was an active duty Marine during the Vietnam War and is currently battling end stage respiratory failure. He continues to take care of his girlfriend of 15 years who has multiple sclerosis and is wheelchair bound. Having his wish for an air purifier granted will improve his quality of life.

Edwin S., 92, Erie, PA

Edwin Slivinski, 92, a resident of Brevillier in Erie, PA, enjoyed his favorite meal at Serafini’s Restaurant with his family.  Ed has fished all his life and originally wished to go out on a boat fishing, but because he is in a wheelchair, no boat could accomodate him. Instead, our Erie, PA chapter arranged for the next best thing for Ed: a fresh Lake Erie perch dinner with his family!

Victor R., 89, Erie, PA

Victor Rosier’s wish for new hearing aids was granted on May 2, 2016 by our Erie, PA chapter.   As the primary caregiver for his wife, Victor requested these hearing aids in order to hear his wife more clearly.  Victor served our country in the Navy during WW II.   More recently has has supported his community through church activities.  Victor’s wish was granted in partnership with Embracing our Veterans and the wonderful care of Tina Schiefelbein from Affordable Care Hearing Aids. Pictured: Victor with chapter director, Julie Hartmann.

Eleanor M., 85, Girard, PA

Eleanor Mokula, a resident of a local skilled nursing facility in Girard, PA recently had her wish granted by our Erie, PA chapter. Eleanor, 85,  spent time thinking about what she would wish for and after many ideas, decided upon a gift card to Barnes and Noble. She is an avid reader and wanted to purchase a book about Tiger Woods or the movie directed by Jon Stewart. Eleanor used to bake cookies for residents at local nursing homes. She was also worked as a volunteer knitting hats for local community shelters.

Dale C., 70, Erie, PA

Dale Coates, 70, a resident of Erie, PA, recently had his wish for an adjustable bed granted by our Erie, PA chapter. Dale has a long history of back pain that was not totally relieved with surgery. He needed an adjustable bed, but could not afford one on his fixed income. Dale was a single father after his wife died. He also volunteeered in the community in the Elk and Moose clubs in his home town. Thanks to a generous anonymous donor, Dale received his adjustable bed!