John N., 77, West Newton, PA

John Nuttall, Jr., a resident of West Newton, Pennsylvania, recently had his wish for a lift chair granted by our Westmoreland County chapter. John, 77,  is an Army veteran who served during the Vietnam War. He had been falling often and had to call EMS to help get up.  Having a lift chair will greatly improve his quality of life and allow him to live independently. Thank you to Blackburn’s for helping to grant this wish!

Joyce E., 75, Jeannette, PA

Joyce Elias, 75, a resident of Jeannette, PA, recently had her wish for a lift chair granted by our Westmoreland County chapter.  Elias is battling lung cancer and has severe osteoporosis.  She is in constant pain and wished for a lift chair that would enable her to have more mobility without severe pain. Elias worked in healthcare for over 41 years and particularly loved going beyond her job description to help others. Having a lift chair will greatly improve her quality of life.

Marlene S., 82, Mt. Pleasant, PA

Marlene Saloom, 82, a resident of Mt. Pleasant, PA, had her wish for a new stairlift granted, thanks to our Westmoreland County, PA chapter. Saloom’s old stairlift is over 25 years old and the parts are now obsolete. She has 28 steps in her home and cannot manage them due to her health issues. A big thank you to A+ Stairlifts who donated both the labor and parts for her new stairlift.

Jean M., 90, Greensburg, PA

Jean Milligan, 90, a resident of Hempfield Manor in Greensburg, PA, had her poignant wish to have Christmas dinner at her son’s house granted, thanks to our Westmoreland County, PA chapter.  Milligan has been a resident of her nursing facility for over three years. It is difficult for her to leave the facility as she is wheelchair bound and has other medical issues. Her wish for Christmas dinner with her family was granted!

Mary B., 100, North Huntington, PA

Mary Belback, a resident of Walden’s View in North Huntington, Pennsylvania, had her wish for a party to celebrate her 100th birthday granted, thanks to the Westmoreland County chapter. Belback, who turned 100 on November 7th, has very little family that can celebrate this milestone birthday with her.  Therefore, the staff at Walden’s View wanted to surprise Belback with a party celebrating this special day! Volunteers from Twilight Wish brought decorations, a cake and several small gifts for Belback.

Mary M., 87, Crabtree, PA

Mary Massimo, a resident of Crabtree, Pennsylvania, had her wish to visit a casino one more time granted, thanks to the Westmoreland County chapter.  Massimo, 87, is in hospice care for heart disease. Because she is in a wheelchair and unable to stand on her own, her family cannot take her to the casino on their own. Visiting casinos was always a “happy place” for Massimo and she very much wanted to go one more time as she feels it would boost her spirits and make her happy. Before her condition worsened, Massimo was able to go on outings all the time with her family.  Her wish was granted on November 3, 2019.

Loma F., 80, Scottdale, PA

Loma Fox, a resident of Scottdale, PA, recently had her wish for hearing aids granted thanks to our Westmoreland County, PA chapter. Fox, 80, needed hearing aids, but couldn’t afford them on her fixed income. Thanks to Beltone who donated the evaluation, fitting and hearing aid, her wish for the gift of hearing was granted.

Elmer K., 86, Youngwood, PA

Elmer King, a resident of Youngwood, PA, recently had his wish for a special outdoor chair granted, thanks to our Westmoreland County, PA chapter. King, 86, is a Korean War veteran. He is diabetic and has limited mobility because of a previous infection in his foot. King loves to sit outside on his porch to enjoy nature and talk with his neighbors, but doesn’t have a seat that is comfortable enough for him.  Regular chairs are too low for him to get himself up and sitting in his wheelchair for an extended period of time is uncomfortable. He wished for an Amish style chair with a wide seat and higher seat height so he can enjoy his time outside safely.

Samuel N., 58, Jeannette, PA

Samuel Nania, a resident of William Penn Care Center in Jeannette, had his wish to attend a Pirates game granted, thanks to the Westmoreland County chapter of Twilight Wish Foundation. Sam, 58, is an avid Pittsburgh Pirates fan who watches every game on TV. Because he is physically disabled, it is difficult for him to leave the facility much less attend a game in person. Thanks to the Pittsburgh Pirates who donated the tickets, Sam and a caretaker attended the July 25th game vs. the St. Louis Cardinals. The Westmoreland County chapter provided spending money and paid for transportation for them.

John G., 82, Greensburg, PA

John Gregory, 82, a resident of Greensburg, PA, had his simple wish for a hearing enhanced cell phone granted, thanks to our Westmoreland County, PA chapter in July.  John, a Navy veteran, has significant hearing loss which makes it difficult for him to talk on the phone with his family and friends. Because he lives on a fixed income, he could not afford the cost of the phone on his own.  Thanks to our Westmoreland County chapter, John received his new phone which will improve his quality of life!