Century Plaza Senior Apartments, Washington, PA

Many of the senior residents at Century Plaza have hearing and vision impairments.  At their meetings and social events, these residents are hesitant to attend because they cannot hear or see what is going on.  Their Service Coordinator wishes for a large pull-down screen, a projector and a cordless microphone to enhance these activities so they are accessible to all.  They would love to have “socially distant” movie nights and other  entertainment.

Maria A., 85, McMurray, PA

Maria Anthou, a resident of McMurray, PA, had her wish to receive an honorary high school diploma granted, thanks to our Washington County, PA chapter. Anthou, 85, emigrated to the United States from Greece when she was a young woman. She and her husband married and raised a family together. Anthou  never had the opportunity to complete high school and was also sad about that, given that all her children had post graduate degrees. She felt that receiving an honorary diploma would make her feel complete in her life which was important since she supported all her children in finding their successful paths. She was presented with an honorary diploma during a ceremony at her facility.

Selma M., 79, Canonsburg, PA

Selma Missel, 79, a resident of Canonsburg, PA, recently had her wish for hearing aids granted, thanks to the Washington County, PA chapter of Twilight Wish. Selma is severely deaf and needed hearing aids to help us function with daily life. Because she lives on a fixed income, she could not afford them on her own. Thanks to the Washington County chapter, her wish was granted.

Dwayne P., 68, Washington, PA

Dwayne Price, 68, recently had his simple wish for a motorized scooter granted by our Washington County, Pennsylvania chapter. Dwayne is an Air Force veteran who now lives in a nursing facilty. He is in poor health and has trouble breathing when he walks. Having his wish granted will improve his quality of life and give him back some independence.

Rose P., 66, Washington, PA

Rose Przybyz, a resident of Transitions Healthcare in Washington, Pennsylvania, had her wish to go camping and roast marshmallows granted, thanks to our Washington County chapter.  Rose is disabled and has no family outside of the caregivers at her facility. She is known in her facility for always being kind and helpful with the other residents.  Rose, who is 66, has always wanted to go camping and roast marshmallows on a campfire, but never had the opportunity. Her wish came true when she and several Twilight Wish volunteers spend the weekend camping at Goddard Park Vacationland Campground in Sandy Lake, Pennsylvania.  Rose enjoyed seeing the resident ducks, listening to her favorites Tom Petty and U2 and making s’mores around a campfire!

Sandra P., Washington, PA

Our Washington County, PA chapter recently granted Sandra’s simple wish for a new outfit and dinner at Red Lobster. In addition to going shopping at Kohl’s for new clothing, they surprised Sandra with a makeover before taking her to a special dinner at Red Lobster. Sandra lives in a nursing facility and is very grateful for the smallest kindnesses.  Her wish was granted  on Monday, May 15th during Week of Wishes.

Edward S., 68, Washington, PA

Edward Swarm, 68, a resident of Washington, Pennsylvania, had his simple wish for a lift chair granted, thanks to our Washington County chapter. Swarm has many medical issues and struggles to get out of a regular chair. Having a reclining lift chair, will allow him to remain somewhat independent. Swarm worked several jobs: he was an electrician and drove both a school bus and 25-passenger van while helping his wife raise their three daughters. Because he and his wife live on a fixed income, they cannot afford the lift chair on their own. Thanks to National Wellness Supply who generously discounted the cost of the lift chair, his wish was granted on Monday, February 27th.  Thanks also to Transitions Healthcare in Washington for providing a special lunch for this wish granting ceremony.

Shirley C., 85, Eighty Four, PA

Shirley Calabria, 85, a resident of Eighty Four, Pennsylvania, had her very simple wish for a Giant Eagle gift card granted, thanks to our Washington County chapter. Shirley is a widow who lives on a very fixed income. The Giant Eagle card will assist with co-pays on her prescription medicines. Shirley and her husband, Donald, were very active in their community before he passed away in 2009. They spent many years conducting Bible study at the Mel Blount Youth Home. And, in addition to raising their own five children, they fostered 22 babies from Bethany until they could be adopted. Her simple wish was granted during a ceremony also attended by her son and daughter-in-law on November 20th.

Samuel C., 72, Washington, PA

Samuel Cree, 72, was born and raised in Washington County. Cree took care of his mother until she passed away and now lives on his own. He recently had a stroke and is no longer able to work or keep up with repairs around his home. He is in desperate need of a new washing machine but cannot afford one on his fixed income. Cree was active in the community throughout his life, including working on Saturdays in the township recycling department. His simple wish for a new washing machine was granted thanks to the Washington County chapter of  Twilight Wish. Cree was presented with a certificate honoring him for all he has done for others throughout his life on Tuesday, February 2, 2016 at a special disco-themed luncheon. Cree is a huge disco fan!!  Thank you to Bridgeville Appliances for discounting the cost of the washing machine and providing free delivery and set up. Also, thanks to the following chapter volunteers for their hard work in granting this wish: Marie Guarascio, Activity Director of Transitions Healthcare; DeAnna Naumann, Marketing Representative of Sunny Days In Home Care; and Christine McGuire, Director of Admissions, Consulate Healthcare.

Theo M., 75, Washington, PA

Theo Mechtawi, a 76 year-old resident of Washington, PA, had his wish for a face-to-face communicator granted, thanks to several generous donors. Mechtawi became completely deaf two years ago and, because he doesn’t sign, his only way of communicating is using a dry-erase board.  This difficulty in communicating with others has changed him from a very social person who taught at the college level to an isolated, depressed person. Because he lives on a fixed income, he could not afford the cost of the face-to-face communicator on his own.  Mechtawi fled from his home in Beirut, Lebanon in the mid-1980s, leaving behind his business and all he knew to save his life. He became a U.S. citizen and worked in the electronics field for years. Mechtawi has also given to others throughout his life; he “adopted” a single mother and her son here in America and has helped them for years, providing food, clothing, support and love, asking nothing in return. His wish came true during a presentation on Monday, April 6th at Senior Life in Washington.  Special thanks to sComm for discounting the cost of the device.