Ken B., 69, Erie, PA

Kenneth Ball, 69, a resident of Erie, PA, had his wish for a honeymoon with his wife granted, thanks to our Erie, PA chapter. At the time of his wish granting, Kenneth was on hospice care with limited time left.  Because he and his wife never went on a honeymoon, his wish was for one final trip with her before he passed.  Kenneth and his wife enjoyed several days together in Niagara Falls in late June.  Sadly, he passed away several weeks later, but at peace because his wish for special moments together was granted.

Walter F., Erie, PA

Walter’s wish for new sneakers was granted by our Erie chapter on May 14, 2019. Walter walks every day and was in need of a new pair, but couldn’t afford them on his own.  In the past, Walter was very involved with his church and helped out in any way that he could.  A big thank you to Roland Financial for making this wish come true!

Jackie H., Erie, PA

Jackie’s wish for a gift card to help cover costs for her sick dog was fulfilled in April 2019 by our Erie chapter. Jackie assists others who live in her apartment complex with transportation. She also helps clean the common areas in the building. Jackie is a very caring person and would do anything for her dog, Molly.

David G., Erie, PA

David G.’s wish for a gas gift card was fulfilled by our Erie chapter in April of 2019. David served in the Navy during the Vietnam War and is known to help out other residents of the apartment complex where he lives.

JFK Senior Center, Erie, PA

The Erie County chapter of Twilight Wish Foundation presented the JFK Senior Center with a check for $250 to assist with their popular bingo with gifts activity.  The funds will be used to purchase household supplies, personal hygiene items, and snacks.  This allows the seniors to use their limited incomes for major expenses such as rent, mortgages, utilities or taxes.

Fred H., 69, Erie, PA

Fred Heidt, 69, a resident of Erie, Pennsylvania, had his wish for a rotor for his TV antennae granted thanks to our Erie, PA chapter. Fred was active as a volunteer for Tamarck Wildlife Rehab as a transport and capture for injured animals.

Harry W., 79, Erie, PA

Harry Wagner, a resident of Erie, Pennsylvania, had his wish to go fishing again granted, thanks our Erie, PA chapter. Wagner, 79, served in the Navy for 22 years. He became a resident of ForestView Health Care Center about six months ago and misses his old hobbies of gardening and fishing. Wagner had his wish to go fishing again on Monday, October 1st  when he and several other residents of ForestView went fishing thanks to At the Lake Ministries and Twilight Wish Foundation.

Norie, R. 76, Erie, PA

Norie has a number of health issues that make it very difficult to get in and out of her chairs.  A new lift chair would help her regain her independence and restore her daily routine. Our Erie, PA Chapter was able to grant her wish in June 2017!

John R., 90, Erie, PA

John R. is a World War II Veteran who still lives on his own.  He wished for a security system to make him feel safer in his home alone. His wish was granted in May 2017 by our erie, PA Chapter.

Rosalie P., 71, Erie, PA

Rosalie was very involved in her church before she became ill. She also worked as a nurse’s aide and enjoyed giving to her patients and their families.  She is now in hospice and would love to have a television for her room for stimulation and enjoyment.  Her wish was granted by our Erie, PA Chapter on May 1, 2017.