Orpah V., 79, Pittsburgh, PA

Orpah Vankirk, 79, a resident of Pittsburgh, PA, recently had her wish for a new twin mattress granted, thanks to our Allegheny County chapter.  Vankirk has multiple medical issues  and chronic pain.  She had been sleeping in her chair because her old mattress was so worn. Having a new mattress will greatly improve her quality of life, allowing her to get a good night’s sleep.

Leslie M., 74, Braddock, PA

Leslie McGarrity, 74, a resident of Braddock, PA, recently had her wish for a new full size mattress granted, thanks to our Allegheny County chapter.

Joyce E., 75, Jeannette, PA

Joyce Elias, 75, a resident of Jeannette, PA, recently had her wish for a lift chair granted by our Westmoreland County chapter.  Elias is battling lung cancer and has severe osteoporosis.  She is in constant pain and wished for a lift chair that would enable her to have more mobility without severe pain. Elias worked in healthcare for over 41 years and particularly loved going beyond her job description to help others. Having a lift chair will greatly improve her quality of life.

Luther Woods, Hatboro, PA

Legendary Philadelphia disc jockey, Jerry Blavat, the “Geator with the Heater,” paid a visit to the residents of Luther Woods Nursing & Rehabilitation in Hatboro on Sunday, March 8, 2020, thanks to Twilight Wish Foundation.  Blavat emceed a fun 50s and 60s- themed sock hop for the residents there who had no idea he’d be hosting their event.  Although the majority of the residents are wheelchair bound, Blavat managed to get them singing, tapping their feet and clapping their hands to the familiar tunes of their youth. This wish was made possible by a generous donation from Carol and Jack Lieberman.

Diane J., 70, Media, PA

Diane Jennings, 70, a resident of Media, PA, had her wish for a reclining chair granted, thanks to Twilight Wish Foundation. Because of her medical condition, she needs a comfortable recliner that she can sleep in and elevate her legs. Having her wish granted will definitely improve her quality of life.

Marlene S., 82, Mt. Pleasant, PA

Marlene Saloom, 82, a resident of Mt. Pleasant, PA, had her wish for a new stairlift granted, thanks to our Westmoreland County, PA chapter. Saloom’s old stairlift is over 25 years old and the parts are now obsolete. She has 28 steps in her home and cannot manage them due to her health issues. A big thank you to A+ Stairlifts who donated both the labor and parts for her new stairlift.

Vera P., 74, Quakertown, PA

Vera Puterbaugh, a resident of Quakertown, Pennsylvania, had her wish for a new heater for her home granted, thanks to Twilight Wish  and All Seasons Comfort Control.  Puterbaugh, 74, lives alone in a mobile home. Her heater no longer works and needs to be replaced, but she cannot afford to pay for it on her own. She had been using a space heater to heat her home which is unsafe.   Thanks to All Seasons Comfort Control who donated the labor and installed the heater on February 4th, her wish was granted.  Pictured: Chris Long of All Seasons Comfort Control with Michelle Bowren, Director of Wish Management.

Dorothy D., 86, West Babylon, NY

Dorothy Delia, 86, a resident of West Babylon, NY, recently had her wish for dental work granted, thanks to our Long Island chapter. Delia needed dental work done badly.  She hadn’t been able to afford to go to the dentist since she retired and lost her dental insurance. She had begun to lose her teeth and could only eat soft foods. Delia worked and volunteered for the Salvation Army for over 20 years. She also did intake after 9-11 and is very involved in her church. Thanks to a generous donor, her wish for dental work was granted!

Leonard P., 78, Pittsburgh, PA

Leonard Peluso, 78, a resident of Pittsburgh, PA, had his wish for a washer and dryer granted, thanks to our Allegheny County chapter. Peluso has severe COPD and is on oxygen 24/7.  A Vietnam veteran, he is in hospice care. Peluso and his wife have very little resources and no family or friends to help with their laundry.  Because they cannot afford a car, it is a hardship for them to go to the laundromat. Having a washer and dryer in their home will allow hospice staff do do laundry for them while visiting.

Mary J., 96, Braddock, PA

Mary Johnson, 96, a resident of Braddock, PA, had her wish for a large face clock granted, thanks to our Allegheny County, PA chapter.  Johnson lives in senior housing on her own.  The clock will be helpful for her to keep track of the date and time for her medical appointments. Her wish was granted on January 7, 2020.