Rosemarie D., 95, Pittsburgh, PA

Rosemarie Druga, a resident of Squirrel Hill, had her simple wish for new bedding and a battery for her scooter granted, thanks to our Allegheny County chapter.  Druga, who just turned 95 last month, still lives on her own and relies on her scooter to get around. She has a twin-size hospital bed and has been using old full-size sheets on it.  Because she lives on a fixed income, she cannot afford to buy new bedding or a battery for her scooter on her own.  Thanks to the Allegheny County chapter her simple wish was granted on Friday, April 9th.  They also purchased a new full-size quilt for her bed so it can hang over the side, making it easier for her to make the bed from her wheelchair.  Druga is a devoted mother and grandmother and was the primary caregiver for her husband who passed away several years ago. In years past, she was very active in the senior center and ran the bocce ball and shuffleboard programs for years there. Special thanks to Ponsi Medical Supply for discounting the cost of the scooter battery.

Barbara T., 88, Pittsburgh, PA

Barbara Tufton, 88, a resident of Pittsburgh, PA, had her wish for a QVC gift card so she could purchase food granted by our Allegheny County chapter.  Because Barbara is recovering from a fall and her husband lives in a nursing facility, she finds it difficult to shop and cook for herself.  She loves the food from QVC so having the ability to order food from there will be a big help to her.

Dorothy R., 83, Pittsburgh, PA

Dorothy Rice, 83, a resident of Pittsburgh, PA, had her wish for cookbooks, crossword puzzle books and fiction books granted by our Allegheny County chapter. Dorothy loves to read, especially suspense or mystery books.  She also loves to cook, having worked for over 32 years as a nutritionist/cook for the Head Start Program for young children.  In the past, Dorothy volunteered for many years with the Salvation Army. Her wish was granted on February 26, 2021.

Goldie C., 93, Youngstown, PA

Goldie Cochran, 93, a resident of Youngstown, PA, had her wish for hearing aids granted, thanks to our Allegheny County chapter.

Peg P., 98, Sharpsburg, PA

Peg Panza, 98, a resident of Sharpsburg, PA had her simple needs wish for a battery for her portable oxygen unit granted, thanks to our Allegheny County chapter. Peg is on oxygen 24/7 and having a back-up battery would allow her more time at her doctor appointments and give her the ability to go shopping or to lunch with her caregiver.  She was active in the community, serving as president of the Auxiliary at Sharpsburg Volunteer Fire Department for over 50 years and served as vice president of the resident council at Sharpsburg Towers.

Sylvia C., 79, Pittsburgh, PA

Sylvia Cochran, 79, a resident of Pittsburgh PA, recently had her wish for a lift chair granted by our Allegheny County chapter.  Sylvia suffers from arthritis and fibromyalgia making it difficult for her to stand on her own.  Having a comfortable lift chair would also ease the pain in her legs and back. Because she lives on a fixed income and Medicare doesn’t cover the cost of a chair, she could not afford it on her own.

Della A., 92, Vernon, PA

Della Arrington, 92, a resident of Vernon, PA, had her wish for  heated massage mat and back support pillow granted by our Allegheny County chapter on December 13, 2020.  Della was confined to either her bed or a chair because of her health issues and both items would give her comfort and pain relief.  According to her nurse who nominated her for the wish, Della’s favorite thing about having her wish granted was her Twilight Wish certificate.  She kept it on the dining room table and would look at it throughout the day, pick it up, read it and smile, saying “I can’t believe that someone thinks I’m special.” Della used the massage mat and back support pillow every day to keep warm and comfortable.  Della had lost her husband earlier in the year to COVID and was not well herself.  Sadly, she passed away in late January 2021, but did so knowing she was loved and appreciated.

Jane S., 73, Philadelphia, PA

Jane used to love volunteering at the food pantry run by her church.  She also loved tutoring students at Girard College.  She has stopped doing both because her hearing has deteriorated to the point she can’t understand what people are saying.  She misses her great-grandson’s voice, the sound of the birds chirping and listening to music.  She says without the ability hear, the world is a lonely place.  Please help us grant this wish to help Jane regain her hearing!


Harry H., Birmingham, AL

Harry has been a dedicated volunteer in his church.  He is an Elder and taught Sunday School. He was also a floor captain in his facility.  His responsibilities included checking on all the other residents on a daily basis.  In 2013, he lost his right leg due to an infection. He wishes to have a prothesis, but he cannot afford the 20% not covered by Medicare.


Catherine D., 77, Beacon Falls, CT

Catherine lost her husband at a young age and raised her children on her own.  She loves to cook and enjoy the meal with her son but her kitchen table is broken.  She lives on a fixed income and cannot afford to replace it.  We want to grant her a wish for a brand new table and chairs.