Kathryn C., 92, St. Joe, AR

Kathryn Crombie, a resident of St. Joe, Arkansas, had her wish to return to her hometown of Ralston, Nebraska one more time granted.  Kathryn, who turned 92 on March 14th, grew up in Nebraska, but hasn’t been able to return in over 80 years.  She has always been very fascinated with her family heritage and history and spends hours looking through old photos dating back to the 1920s. Kathryn has many fond memories of growing up in the Ralston/Omaha area and would love to revisit her old school in particular, Brownell-Talbot School. Her wish came true when she and her son, Rich Crombie, traveled from Arkansas to Nebraska March 27th through 29th. Among the stops on their trip down memory lane were a visit to Brownell-Talbot School in Omaha where they will receive a special welcome and tour with current students, a meet and greet with the Mayor Donald Groesser of Ralston and a stop at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln.  Kathryn was born in Lincoln, Nebraska where many of her family roots are: her relatives lived there, went to school there and are buried there. In addition, her father was a prominent student and member of Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity member in 1920 at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln Later, her family moved to Ralston and her father commuted to Omaha, working in the insurance business with the Woodmen of The World in Omaha Association. Her parents enrolled Crombie in the Brownell-Talbot School in Omaha. Their memory lane tour encompassed these three towns in southeastern Nebraska.

Beatrice D., 92, Kearny, NJ

Beatrice Dybus, who passed away January 28, 2019, was posthumously honored by having her wish to receive an honorary college degree from New Jersey City University granted, thanks to our New Jersey.  Beatrice, 92, attended Jersey City State College (now known as New Jersey City University) in the 1970s where she was pursing a degree in English with a minor in literature which was a lifelong dream of hers.  At the time, she was married with seven children.  Because her husband was a veteran, they received veterans’ benefits that enabled her to attend college. Sadly, in her last semester, her husband passed away. Upon his death, the benefits were terminated since his death was not due to war or military reasons, but due to natural circumstances, Beatrice was forced to drop out of college and never completed her degree. Before her wish could be granted, she passed away suddenly in late January 2019.  Her grandson, Christian Hoffman who is also a graduate of NJCU, will accept her much-deserved honorary degree on her behalf.   Presenting her honorary degree will be Sue Henderson, President, NJCU, and Guillermo de Veyga, Chief of Staff, NJCU. Pictured is Beatrice with some of her family members.

Allene C., 90, Indianapolis, IN

Allene Childs, a resident of Indianapolis, Indiana, had her wish to go to a Pacers game granted, thanks to a partnership between American Senior Communities and Twilight Wish Foundation. Allene, who is 92, has been a fan of the Pacers for most of her life and went to games back when they were still playing at the Indiana Fairgrounds. She served her community as an LPN until retiring in 1995, all the while raising her seven children and taking care of their dog. Her wish to see the Pacers play was granted on March 25, 2019.

Robert S., 73, Greensburg, PA

Robert Smith, a resident of Greensburg, Pennsylvania, had his last wish to have his beloved dogs visit him in his nursing facility granted, thanks to our Westmoreland County chapter.  Robert, 73, was in hospice care and his health was rapidly declining. He wanted to see the two family dogs, Gizmo and Rascal, one more time, but could not  leave the facility. Both dogs needed their shots updated before they could visit him in the nursing home, but Robert’s family could not afford to get them vaccinated on their limited income. Thanks to our Westmoreland County chapter, Gizmo and Rascal were vaccinated and groomed and visited Robert on Wednesday, February 20th.  Although Robert was mostly unresponsive, his family felt that he knew the dogs were there with him. Sadly, later that night, Robert passed away.

Mary L., 65, Derry, PA

Mary Lash, 65, a resident of Derry, Pennsylvania, had her simple wish for a last Valentine’s dinner with her husband granted, thanks to our Westmoreland County chapter.    Mary is in hospice care and has been given less than three months to live. She and her husband have been together for over 40 years and have always taken care of each other. Mary wished for one last Valentine’s dinner with him so that he will remember this after she is gone. Our Westmoreland County chapter arranged for dinner to be brought in from a local restaurant  for a lovely celebration for them.

Christy B., 63, Westerville, OH

Christy Buzzard, 63, a permanent resident of a nursing facility in Westerville, Ohio, recently had her wish for Tom Selleck items granted. Christy is a huge fan of Tom Selleck and watches everything he’s acted in. Although we couldn’t grant her wish to actually meet Selleck, we were able to surprise her wish a Tom Selleck pillow, doll and other items.

Helen M., 93, Hatfield, PA

Helen Merico, a resident of Hatfield, Pennsylvania, had her wish for a new heater for her home granted, thanks to All Seasons Comfort Control. Helen, 93, is recuperating from a broken hip and lives with her son who is her caretaker. Her furnace broke in the fall of 2017, but because it is 70 years old, it is beyond repair because of its age and the lack of availability of parts. Because they live on a fixed income, they could not afford to replace the heater on their own. Instead, for the past two winters, they have been relying on four space heaters to heat their home which is expensive and a fire hazard. Thanks to All Seasons Comfort Control who donated the labor and installed the heater in late January.  On Thursday, February 7th, Twilight Wish staff presented All Seasons Comfort Control and Helen with certificates honoring both of them at her home.



Alva O., 83, Pittsburgh, PA

Alva Owens, a resident of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, had her wish to see the Nutcracker for her 83rd birthday granted, thanks to our Allegheny County chapter.  Alva has an extensive resume which includes counseling women and children in crisis, the homeless and the incarcerated.  She has also volunteered with many organizations over the years including Allegheny County Council on Civil Rights, National Alliance to End Homelessness and the Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh. Currently, she is the chairperson of the Activity Club at North Allen where she resides. Owens had her wish granted on Saturday, December 15th, just a few days after she turned 83 on December 12th.

John P., 84, Pittsburgh, PA

John Perrotte, a resident of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, had his wish to see Andrea Bocelli in concert granted, thanks to our Allegheny County chapter. John, who recently turned 84, served in the Army for seven years.  He always wanted to take his late wife, Betty, to an Andrea Bocelli concert, but could not afford it. She passed away in 2016 after battling diabetes and heart disease most of her life. John was her caregiver and misses her very much. His wish to see Bocelli in concert with his daughter was granted on December 8th.

130 Residents of Delaware Valley Veterans Home, Philadelphia, PA

130 elderly residents of the Delaware Valley Veterans Home in Philadelphia had their wishes for individual electric razors granted on December 12, 2018.   Although the home does have some razors, they break easily, there aren’t enough for all the veterans who live there and it’s unsanitary to have the men share them. Because they are older, their skin is thin and they need electric razors which are gentler on the skin than disposable. Thanks to a generous grant from The Legacy Foundation and additional funding received from employees of Microsoft, this wish was granted on Wednesday, December 12th. Note: because of privacy rules, photos were not permitted of the residents.