Jane S., 73, Philadelphia, PA

Jane used to love volunteering at the food pantry run by her church.  She also loved tutoring students at Girard College.  She has stopped doing both because her hearing has deteriorated to the point she can’t understand what people are saying.  She misses her great-grandson’s voice, the sound of the birds chirping and listening to music.  She says without the ability hear, the world is a lonely place.  Please help us grant this wish to help Jane regain her hearing!


Harry H., Birmingham, AL

Harry has been a dedicated volunteer in his church.  He is an Elder and taught Sunday School. He was also a floor captain in his facility.  His responsibilities included checking on all the other residents on a daily basis.  In 2013, he lost his right leg due to an infection. He wishes to have a prothesis, but he cannot afford the 20% not covered by Medicare.


Catherine D., 77, Beacon Falls, CT

Catherine lost her husband at a young age and raised her children on her own.  She loves to cook and enjoy the meal with her son but her kitchen table is broken.  She lives on a fixed income and cannot afford to replace it.  We want to grant her a wish for a brand new table and chairs.


Orpah V., 79, Pittsburgh, PA

Orpah Vankirk, 79, a resident of Pittsburgh, PA, recently had her wish for a new twin mattress granted, thanks to our Allegheny County chapter.  Vankirk has multiple medical issues  and chronic pain.  She had been sleeping in her chair because her old mattress was so worn. Having a new mattress will greatly improve her quality of life, allowing her to get a good night’s sleep.

Leslie M., 74, Braddock, PA

Leslie McGarrity, 74, a resident of Braddock, PA, recently had her wish for a new full size mattress granted, thanks to our Allegheny County chapter.

Joyce E., 75, Jeannette, PA

Joyce Elias, 75, a resident of Jeannette, PA, recently had her wish for a lift chair granted by our Westmoreland County chapter.  Elias is battling lung cancer and has severe osteoporosis.  She is in constant pain and wished for a lift chair that would enable her to have more mobility without severe pain. Elias worked in healthcare for over 41 years and particularly loved going beyond her job description to help others. Having a lift chair will greatly improve her quality of life.

Luther Woods, Hatboro, PA

Legendary Philadelphia disc jockey, Jerry Blavat, the “Geator with the Heater,” paid a visit to the residents of Luther Woods Nursing & Rehabilitation in Hatboro on Sunday, March 8, 2020, thanks to Twilight Wish Foundation.  Blavat emceed a fun 50s and 60s- themed sock hop for the residents there who had no idea he’d be hosting their event.  Although the majority of the residents are wheelchair bound, Blavat managed to get them singing, tapping their feet and clapping their hands to the familiar tunes of their youth. This wish was made possible by a generous donation from Carol and Jack Lieberman.

Loretta R., 71, Washington, PA


Loretta has volunteered with the Diabetes Association as the head of fundraising.  She also served as Treasurer and Fundraising Chair for the Pittsburgh Symphony South.  Due to her hearing loss, she is feeling isolated and misses the ability to enjoy many activities.  She loves spending time with her grandchildren but she can no longer hear what they are saying.  She also misses hearing the birds sing!  She lives on a limited income and cannot afford the cost of hearing aids.


Century Plaza Senior Apartments, Washington, PA

Many of the senior residents at Century Plaza have hearing and vision impairments.  At their meetings and social events, these residents are hesitant to attend because they cannot hear or see what is going on.  Their Service Coordinator wishes for a large pull-down screen, a projector and a cordless microphone to enhance these activities so they are accessible to all.  They would love to have “socially distant” movie nights and other  entertainment.

Kathy W., 75, Middle Island, NY

Kathy is active member of her parish, Catholic Daughters of America.  She loves participating in and helping with the senior club functions. Her friends describe her as being so hardworking and humble.  She has trouble hearing which is affecting her ability to participate in her church fully.  It would mean so much for her to get hearing aides.  She lives on a fixed income and cannot afford to get them herself.