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Ted L., 77, Naples, FL

Ted grew up on a sailboat and wished to sail on one again. Ted receives little income, lives in a donated trailer, and does odd jobs collecting aluminum cans to earn money.  This wish was granted by our Florida Chapter and Peter Welles, owner of the boat, who also teaches sailboat lessons at a sailing school […]

Joan F., 72, New York

  Joan was widowed at 49 and raised her mentally handicapped son alone.  She has battled liver, gall bladder, and bladder cancer and is presently cancer-free.  Joan has wanted a computer for years but could not afford one.  She felt as if the world was passing her by. Joan wished for a laptop computer, and […]

Mavis W., 92, Pittsburgh, PA

At 92 years of age, Mavis still plays the autoharp and piano and enjoys entertaining others.  Born in Jamaica, she often performed in church missions, hospitals and jails, thriving on the joy she brought to others.   After moving to the U.S. in the early 1970s, she continued her musical career, playing the piano, accordion, […]

Dorothy B. – 68 – Dover, New Jersey

Background: Dorothy helps the people in her housing complex with everyday things! Every morning she gets coffee for a neighbor who has cancer; she delvers newspapers to the residents and runs errands for those that are homebound. She also stopped working so she could care for her parents. She never complains and doesn’t ask for […]

Shining Moments Newsletter : Winter 2010

Welcome to our Winter 2009-2010 “Shining Moments” quarterly newsletter.  This winter has been full of shining moments for our founder Cass as she spent her honeymoon with her husband, Bill Belknap, in Brazil and Argentina in November. They had the most beautiful and meaningful wedding celebrations. Then, Twilight Wish welcomed the new decade in style […]

Albert L, 82, Florida

Albert, a longtime Philadelphia Eagles fan, had his wish for a pregame tailgate at his nursing home granted, thanks to the national nonprofit Twilight Wish Foundation. Albert is originally from New Jersey.  In fact, he owned a barbershop in Pitman, NJ and was the barber for several Eagles players years ago. A huge Eagles fan, he took […]