Entries by Robin Kardane

William R., 70, Denver, CO

William has not seen his grandchildren in over 4 years.  His wish is to travel to Phoenix in November or December when all of the grandchildren will be home for Thanksgiving and Christmas.   He will be able to stay with his family but can not afford the cost of the airline ticket. Thanks to the […]

Nina, 83, Suitland, MD

Nina suffers from many health issues and is in constant pain.  Her only enjoyment is watching her favorite shows on television.  Since the conversion to digital television, she has only been able to watch a few channels.  Her wish is for a new digital television. Thanks to two generous donors, Nina’s wish for a TV was […]

Mae G., 68, GA

Mae and her husband, a Vietnam Veteran, long to return to New Jersey to attend their 50th high school reunion in early October.  She has not been back to her home town for over 20 years.  Both suffer from many health issues but are able to drive from Georgia to attend the reunion.  Mae has asked […]

Violet, 77, West Orange, NJ

Violet has not been able to return to her husband’s grave since he was buried 19 years ago in Brigadier General William C. Doyle Memorial Veterans Cemetery.  The cemetery is located in Wrightstown, NJ, nearly an hour and a half from her home in West Orange.  Robinson doesn’t drive and suffers from several medical conditions.  She […]

Helen P., 69, West Orange, NJ

Every Wednesday for almost 30 years, Helen would visit the residents of a New Jersey nursing home to play board games, read newspapers or books to those who could not see or just sit and talk.  She now suffers from back pain and would love a comfortable chair. Helen’s wish was granted on November 4, […]

Vera Jean, 94, Washington, PA

Vera has helped others all her life.  She now has broken both hips and will have surgery soon.  She would love to have a reclining lift chair to aid in her recovery from surgery. Vera Jean’s wish will be granted by our Western Pennsylvania Chapter on November 6, 2010! Wish ID: WPA1442

Sisto, 82, Albuquerque, NM

Sisto, 82, started boxing at the age of 17 and was a professional boxer in Los Angeles, Arizona, and El Paso. He decided to quit boxing because his mother worried for his safety and would cry every time he stepped into a ring.  After one fight where his opponent hit him in the eye, he […]

Dee, 89, El Monte CA

Dee’s wish is for a 90th birthday party with her family and friends.  Her daughter wrote to us saying “She never asks for anything but always has given all she could.  She has never had a birthday party.”  Dee thinks a party with her family and friends would make her 90th birthday special. She has […]