2022 “Week of Wishes” Coming Soon!

Our 2022 Week of Wishes is scheduled for May 8-13, 2022.

During this special week, we will be granting numerous Twilight Wishes to seniors, creating many new WOW Wish Moments.  This wonderful week of wish granting will culminate with a celebratory event at The Warrington Country Club in Warrington, PA at 1:00pm. At this event, we will acknowledge and thank the WOW Members that have supported our Week of Wishes, and whose help will allow us to grant wishes throughout the year.

Some past WOW Wish Moments include:

»Theresia, who at the age of 105, received her high school diploma and made national news.

»Beatrice wished to visit her children’s graves one more time.

»Lizzie, 89 wished to paint a mural and eat cheesesteaks with her family at Pat’s in South Philadelphia. Her mural of a dove hangs in a church window.


Your WOW Membership will help Twilight Wish continue our vision of making the world a nicer place to age, one Twilight Wish at a time!

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If you have additional questions, please call Peter at (215)230-8777 ext. 101 or contact us below.

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